Sunday, 19 June 2011


With university exams looming I decide I need a project to take on.
Many years ago I began toying with remote controlled hovercraft, initially a rubbish bin lid with a vacuum motor and decided that now I'm in uni I need to make something that reflects this.
I began by messing around on catia to get a model of what I wanted and after about a week I had a shape resembling what my initial idea.
My knowledge of Catia initially was limited but along the way I discovered various new techniques for creating what I wanted. This meant that after working for a while on one model I restarted to redefine what I wanted and get the modeling process to go more smoothly.
After getting the 3d model I used the drafting component to get sections to print and then translate into balsa wood.

Below is the design that I had come up with.

Underside of Catia Design

Exploded view showing all the individual components. 

Here is an excellent resource for building your own Hovercraft.
Its full of information on how to build a hovercraft capable of holding a person.